BOSE headphone QC 35 ll

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Bose product name: QC 35 ll


Country: Australia


Can my headphones be connected with my Samsung TV (QA65Q7FNA)?


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(I do not work for Bose)

yes.  you can try to use the builtin bluetooth pairing of the samsung and if things work, you will be able to hear the audio on your QC35.  Be aware that some TVs do not pair appropriately with all bluetooth devices such as headphones and speakers.  So it may be possible that you can pair with a non-BOse bluetooth headphone but not the QC35.

If the QC35 pairs and plays, great.  If not, you can still get audio from the TV to your QC35.  To do that you will need to purchase and add a third party device that takes audio from the TV and broadcasts it to a BT receiving device.  There are many options.  One of the places to find them is on eBay and Amazon.  The 'issue' is the same as trying to hear audio on a plane without using a wire.  So you should do a search for 'bluetooth plane' on these sites to find candidates.  I have not tried any myself and am not going to recommend any but will mention one to get your started, check out the 'airfly'.


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If your TV supports Bluetooth and profiles of A2DP, your TV should support a connection to the QC35 II's. Alternatively, you can connect using a cabled connection to the headphones jack. 


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Thanks joel irwin - appreciate your advice.

Thanks Jessie - will work on it.