Bose L1: 2 pro 16s vs 1 pro 32


I am SO excited about the new gems Bose is offering. I am either going to buy 2 pro 16s or 1 pro 32. The price difference is small, but I’m sure the one option has pros/cons that the other may or may not have. Both options in total have 32 little speakers looking this way and that, but I’m sure there’s other technical issues that - as a singer - I don’t understand.

Any ideas?

Alot depends on how much ground you want to cover.   If you have very large rooms or outside, you may want two of the 16.    A 32 might cover almost as much but you would have significantly higher volume from it, increasing your risk of feedback via your microphone.   Important to note that if you use two systems, you have to space them at least 20-25 feet apart as the bass signal can get cancelled out as the sound waves come together out in front.

First off, things is coming from someone who hasn’t tried each one yet. I agree it would depend on how you intend to use them. For me, I’m a dj. I’d like the stronger bass with the sub 2. So I’d go with the 32. Perhaps if I was an acoustic act, I might like the 2x16 option. 

it will be interesting to hear how you would use them and to get other opinions. 

I’m basing my opinion on the current products. I feel the MII would be better than 2 L1S. Again, this is for a DJ application. Those I have experience with. 


Yes, I guess the intended use of the system is important. I am a vocalist that sings on top of playbacks, with DJ sets between my sets. My clients range from 10-person dinner parties to 300-person outdoor weddings. I'm thinking maybe the 2 pro 16's might be more versatile? It would be pointless to carry a pro 32 to a dining room for 10 people, no?

i agree, bases on what your use is, the 2 16’s may be more versatile. 

I have S1 pro’s for ceremonies and small events, so I didn’t think about that. 

I LOVE my S1’s, but they made my compacts get little use now😁