Bose L1 compact with Bose soundtouch link adapter

Hello Team,


I am having a Bose L1 compact system and a Bose soundtouch link adapter to make it a wireless powerhouse.

I am mostly using this system at my home, so is there any way i can use multiple other speakers or tweeters along with this to use it as a home theater system with surround sound.


I know that every speaker/tweeter have its own sound signature whether all speakers are of Bose.

so what could be the best combination with my Bose L1 to have a cynematic experience at home.



While you technically may be able to, it would be too complicated to do (and unless you have 4x L1 Compacts, and then something similar for the center it will just sound rubbish).


Honestly, get speakers that are designed for Home Theatre.  It's like buying a non off-road car for off-roading.  Sure you can, but the experience will be bad and you may not make it back.

Thanks Morlock,


I agree, I tried 2 Bose soundtouch 10 with my L1 but as expected result was something which I didn’t like.

I was just wondering if i can make this work without going for a new home theatre.


Although i think i can make a multiroom setup but not a theatre like experience at home with Bose L1.


Thanks for your explanation and time.