BOSE L1 Model 2 Firmware update difficulty

Hello friends,


I was having difficulty updating firmware for:

BOSE L1 Model 2 firmware 

ToneMatch T1 (currently:  1.8 version)

B2 Bass

B1 Bass


Do they even need updates? I have these for few years. One system L1 M2 B1 for over 10 years.


Thanks in advance.

Hi Slamjam!

What difficulty were you experiencing - did you receive any error messages in the updater?

I am trying to update my Tonematch T1 and also my L1 Model II stand but my Mac doesn't recognise them when I have them connected to the computer.

Hi Alan!

Sorry to hear you're having this trouble updating the systems.

Do you see any error messages at all in the updater? And are you using any USB adapters with the Mac, or does it have built-in ports?

I figured out how to update it. You have to download the tonematch update tool and it will you to extract and compress the files first. Windows will tell you its not capable but do it anyway.  It still worked for me, BUT the reason im on this thread is because it worked for me. I just wanted to add the Gibson Acoustics and be on with my day. I updated the 1.8 firmware from the tonematch update tool and it gave me all the new presets but ALL the presets I had prior to this update were deleted. I lost all the handheld mics, all drums, keyboards, etc. Now all I have is 4 presets. Taylor Guitars, Gibson Guitars, Audix mics, and LR Baggs. Which id be fine with since i play solo with a gibson with lr baggs anyway. but i want my shure mics back, and If i have a band join me I cant provide much for them. This is on the T1 Tonematch and L1 Model 2. How do I get all those original presets back???? i bet I lost 50 presets that were GOOD. And the factory reset does not bring presets back either. i tried that. so if anyone has any knowledge on this issue, feel free to drop a comment with a solution. TIA

Hey lucasbeebemusic, 


That's an odd one for sure! I would suggest trying this link to re-download the presets:


You can download the individual banks or the entire factory bank from there. 


Hope this helps!