Bose L1 PRO 8 vs PRO 16 VS L1 MODEL 2 - Struggling and Need Advice!

Hello all, 


Really need some help and advice, and yes, I have trailed online particularly on Toonz site but still feel a little lost with this. Grateful for your support.


I am a solo singer, DJ and horn instrument player, weddings, parties, restaurants, etc.


I currently own a Bose L1 Model 2, with B2 Bass and T4S which I have been using as workhouse machine for past 7 years. Recently I have had some problems and felt this needed to be replaced.. however a lack of stock on Bose of course has made this difficult. I have purchased two S1 pro systems, and two PRO 8 systems although one is in the box still whilst I remain in limbo. 


I am not particularly strong but most venues have good I have a few dilemmas. My main goals are convenience, features, being able to move the thing and fill large function rooms with up to 200 people.


- The L1 Pro 8 is convenient, it would be fine for many venues but underpowered for others. I have two of these so could keep the other and use both for large jobs but I don't particularly like the idea of the extra messing around setting up two systems, mixer two ToneMatch cables, two power supplies, etc.

I've heard that even two L1 Pros chained or in stereo would not match up to a single 16 or 32.


L1 pro 8 seems to go Loud for pre recorded music but at 1 o clock for microphone there's feedback, so can never reach the true loudness of pre recorded - will the 16 or 32 be able to get much louder before feedback??


Is the L1 16 the true successor to the L1 model 2 because stats seem very similar despite less drivers?


16 has roller bag, which seems very convenient, yet 32 has sub 2 bag.


Having two systems (l1 pro 8s) means if one fails, there's a backup. A single 32 could be more convenient, despite extra weight.


Question-- the PRO 16 appears on paper to have exact same subwoofer (size, wattage, very similar performance) to the SUB 2. Is this true? Seems strange that the sub in the pro 16 would be the same as the top dog in the 32, which has twice as many drivers. It also on paper, seems like the sub in the 16 is LIGHTER than the sub 2...? So why would someone need the 32, unless it can go a lot, lot louder on pre recorded music and handle feedback so much better.


Any advice would be great, as currently I am very confused and debating a) return or  sell one of the 8s, but keep one for the smallest of venues or where access is limited and s1 is underpowered b) sell my l1 model 2, buy a l1 32 and use this for all but the above c) go for a 16, but is this sufficient for 99% of jobs (my current model 2 was sufficient almost always)? d) get two 16s, but ideally this would be an encumbrance to have to take so much equipment with me


There is a part of me that thinks a single 16 would be fine for almost everywhere based on feedback I'e heard, and wouldn't then require a pro 8 or 32... but need real word feedback from users.


ULTIMATELY  given I already have two PRO 8s and a L1 Model 2 with b2, the main thing I would ask - which is better; louder, more clarity and coverage. Two PRO 8s either stereo or daisy chain or a single l1 model 2?


Sorry for the strange and lengthy post but this has sent my head everywhere and could do with the help! 🙂




Pro32/Sub1 would be  much better than two Pro8's. As you said too many pieces to set up and head room is limited. Pro32 all pieces very light with Sub1 at 36lbs the heaviest piece. Sub1 goes down to 40Hz, Pro16 42 Hz. Sub2 is not the same as the Pro16!  Larger internal volume of enclosure, goes down to 37Hz and plays louder up to 128dB. Sub1 has separate volume control for sub, Pro16 doesn't.  Pro32 has more solid connection, no wobble as you have probably heard about the Pro16. If $$$ is not a factor Pro32! I made a video about the subject: