Bose L1 Pro 8 will not power on


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I have an L1 Pro8. Last Sunday, it turned itself off. The lights on the back of the unit flash once only, intermittently approx once per 33 secs. Bluetooth (white), Power (red), Phantom (white). Phantom light also flashes in between that cycle, once approx every 7 - 10 seconds. Pressing the Power button does nothing, and the unit will not power on. Prior to this behaviour it had been working fine for about 10mins, with a mic cable plugged in, in an air conditioned room, so not overheated. Then I plugged in a guitar cable. And that's when it turned off. Prior to Sunday, it powered on and off perfectly. I've followed all the troubleshooting info from Bose. Google searches for this problem have turned up nothing. Has anyone seen this happen before or know what the problem could be? It was purchased on 17/5/21. Thanks in advance.

Hello TraceyH, 


This sounds like a potential hardware failure to me. I would suggest calling your local Bose support team to organize service, looks like it would still be covered under warranty.


Hope this helps!