Bose L1 Pro32/Sub2 vs. Bose F1 Model 812 with Sub for a Band

Good evening,


I am in a three piece band and wanting to switch all my PA equipment for the band to Bose. I have done tons of research, watched videos, etc and narrowed it down to the two systems listed above.


We have all instruments (bass, electric guitar, drums) mic'd/lined in to a XR18. We have two vocal mics and stage monitors. We have been playing more outdoor events than indoor events here lately. My biggest concern is getting enough low end out to the crowd (bass drum and bass). It looks like I can double the Pro32 Sub2s up for the cardioid effect in the middle. I would run 1 Pro32 on each side of us (total of 2 for whole band) behind us to not have to use monitors. Would this setup work for a band or should I run the F1 towers with subs instead and still have to use stage monitors. 


I currently run 2 Behringer 18" subs and 2 EV 18" subs plus two 15" mains for the crowd and standard stage monitors of us. I like the bass drum being able to sound good. What are thoughts are the either system?


Two Pro32s with 1 B2 sub for each tower or two F1 812's with 1 one sub under each 812? I'm stuck in a hard place with this one.