Bose Lifestyle V35 Interference / Noise

Bose product name - V35


Country - USA


Firmware Version - LATEST (Tried Updating)


Detailed description of the issue and steps to reproduce - Intermittent "white noise" and interference.  Happens every 10-15 minutes, then will resolve with "fix".


When did you start to experience the issue? Did it work correctly previously? - Past 6 months.


Any troubleshooting steps you took. - I can fix the problem (background sound goes away from 15-60 minutes) by unplugging a specific cable from the back of the V35 Unit (and then plugging it back in).  It is the BLUE cable pictured below (sorry they are blurry, lighting isn't good).  I have tried finding a new cable for this online... but cant seem to find an exact version from Bose.  Any help?  Is it actually the cable?  Or something else?

This is driving me CRAZY.  Please help!




Hi shb5007,


Thanks for providing those pictures, it's a little tricky to make some things out but they definitely help! I can see that Blue cable is connecting to the console where I would expect the Acoustimass module to be connected, but the picture you have provided of where this cable connects to doesn't look like the Acoustimass module, where is the Blue cable connected to?


If you can let me know where this cable is attached, it will likely give us an insight into what could be causing this and what the next steps will be!

Thanks for the quick reply!


I will attach two more (better) pictures of this cable below.  Each picture is each end of the cable.


This system was installed in the home when built, I believe.


Again, if I unplug this cable (and then plug it back in) the noise goes away from a period of time.


Not sure if the cable is really the issue... or something else?


Hey , 


Thank you for sending this over. This all looks fine to me. 


Do you have any electrical devices in your listening space that could be causing interference? I would recommend turning these off and re-testing. 


Let me know how you get on!