Bose LS 650 Dual subwoofers

Hello Everyone, this is my second topic on the forum and must say that the community is so rich in information that am now empowered with tons of info that I wasn't aware of earlier. Many thanks.


I own a LS 650 system that I purchased 1 month ago which powers off randomly (I have a separate topic for this , currently with BOSE support) , due to the layout of the room and the furniture, artefacts in the living room its not possible for me to achieve a good BASS experience by placing the subwoofer next to the telly in front. Due to this I have to place the sub at the rear left in the corner of the room. this layout gives me optimum BASS from the sub in this corner only but it seems to fade out for the rest of the locations. 


I was thinking of adding another sub for this reason and place it in the front section. Could you share your thoughts on this ?

Worth a try.  Make sure you purchase the exact same model subwoofer.

The AM700 might be a rebranded AM300, but I'm not certain about that.  Maybe someone who knows for sure will respond.  At least make sure you buy it from Best Buy or Amazon or somewhere with a good return policy in case it doesn't work.

This is the key to creating our first omnidirectional speaker for true degree sound and a more spacious home theater experience.



Here is a link that pretty much summarises it up I guess ..


The Bose website doesn't specify the model of the sub for the LS 650 , but a google search seems to indicate that its a Bose Acoustimass 300 (AM300) ? .. could the experts confirm?


What makes it more confusing is that there is a Bose Bass Module 700 listed which states as compatible to the LS 650 receiver.


Is there a AM300 and a AM700 as well ?