Bose Modeler Plugin for SketchUp - Update

Hi all,

we are pleased to announce the availability of an updated version of the Bose Modeler Plugin for SketchUp.

Please use this updated plugin for all SketchUp versions newer than v7.

The plugin has the same functionality as the former version, the only thing that was updated was the installation procedure: The plugin is now installed from within SketchUp, please see the updated help file for further information.

The enclosed zip file contains the plugin in the .rbz format as well as the help file as a separate PDF, so you can actually read it before you install.

We have tested the plugin on a couple of platforms but please let us know should you encounter any issues.

Happy Modeling !

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I received this SketchUp 14 model from a dealer. I have SketchUp 15 on my machine.
When I try to convert it to a .mtf file, I do not see anything in Modeler after importing it.

I exploded the model into separate faces and changed the Units to Metric as suggested in the help document before importing it. Are there any suggestions from our power users of SketchUp (I am not one) to get this to import or is it a issue with this particular SketchUp file?

Any assistance will be appreciated -


Hi Bruce,

sorry for the delay, I was out in Switzerland for meetings.

As far as I see it, this model consists of edges only, but no faces. Thus, nothing can be exported. Maybe this happened when you “exploded” the model but typically, it happened already during construction, when nobody took care that the edges that shall define a surface are all in one plane. Typically, one draws lines/edges, and if SU determines that all vertices are in the same plane, the surface is drawn.

So in order to fix this model, all (bent) 4-or-more-vertex “surfaces” have to be divided into triangles, then SU will create faces. An alternative is to use freely available plugins that do this more or less automatically. I believe the plugin “Make Faces” could be used for this. Available here.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Thomas! That is what I needed to know…

I cant get it to work in 2013 Pro. I keep getting a “cant convert nil into hash” message when setting up the extension.

Is there a better forum for this discussion?

We are aware of your issue and are trying to respond.

Two of our key people on this matter are on vacation and one returns Monday and the other Tuesday.

Your patience is appreciated,



sorry to hear that you are having problems with the plugin for SU.

Please be a little more specific about where the installation process fails. Some thoughts (and please excuse that I’m re-checking some basics here):

Have you been following the installation steps for the plugin from the manual ?
Within SU, do you see the Modeler plugin toolbar ?
Where exactly during ‘setting up the extension’ does the error message occur ?
What operating system are you using for your PC ?

If you could provide a screenshot of the error, it would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and best rgds,


I have a new consultant who is having the same error message. Any thoughts on this? I have asked for details of PC etc. and will post as soon as I have them. doc attached.



Hi Tom,

When does this error occur ? During installation of the plugin or when converting a SU model to MTF ?

Please have him try to copy the entire error message as text, I believe that's possible by using Ctrl-A / -C.


Thanks much and best rgds,


Hi Thomas,
I just wanted to say thank-you to the Bose staff for the Bose Modeler Plugin for Sketchup. I use Sketchup 2017 and I used the plugin to successfully export a model based on the wire frame skp file attached to your OP to an MTF file.

If anyone is interested they can upload this model from the Sketchup 3D Warehouse at this URL: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.c...chup-Plugin-Exercise

Are there any completed Bose Modeler project files that you could share with users like me that want to teach themselves how to use the Bose Modeler? I notice that Modeler creates a bin file and an mdr file when I import the mtf file in the folder containing the pjt file. Would it be feasible to simply copy individual files for a completed project into the one folder?

If copying files is not feasible could you provide typical data for Surfaces, Loudspeakers, Listeners, Properties, EQ, acoustics, playlists etc. that I could input manually?        

Hi Thomas,
Thanks for putting me onto the Bose rep for Australia. He helpfully hinted that the online training resources would be a good place to start.
I suppose it would have been more helpful if I had described the specific problems I was encountering with the software.
The main problem I had was that the plugin features for materials weren't working. I discovered that the materials data files directory wasn't located where the plugin expected it to be. The "Exploring the Interface and Creating a Template" ( ) explained how the location of this directory can be found and changed.

Hi Thomas,


I hope you are doing well.


I want to ask about compatibility of last released version 1.1 (from 2015!) with the latest versions of Sketchup.

Is there any update since then?

Which versions of Sketchup are now supported?


Hope, Bose is also trying to keep up with others (e.g., Odeon has multiple versions - the last one is from January 2021.).


Many thanks for any updated information.

Hi Martin,


thanks for checking in. We have not tested the plugin with the latest SU releases. But unless the infrastructure for plugins is changed (again), there should be no need. Please let us know here if anything does not work as intended.


Best rgds,