Bose Music App Update March 7th 2019

On Thursday, March 7th, a new Bose Music App will be available to iOS and Android users. This is an App only release, there is no accompanying firmware release. Contents of the release:

  • Push Notifications & In-App Messaging Capabilities
  • New Customer Feedback/Review Prompt
  • "Technical Info" UI Improvements
    • Wi-Fi Strength is currently shown as RSSI Value only, we will add a descriptive word to help users understand (ie: Excellent, Good, Poor)
    • Frequency will be changed from KHz to GHz
    • Network SSID label will be changed to Network ID (SSID)
    • Product GUID will be updated to read: Product ID (GUID)
  • Bug fixes and enhancement details
    • iOS
      • Fixed issues with App Store feedback prompts failing to launch
      • Fixed various UI issues associated with 4-inch iPhone screens
    • Android
      • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from staying logged in if they tried using app outside of their WiFi network
      • Fixed issues with accessory setup