Bose NC 700 charging port melted in Around & On-Ear Headphones

Plugged my headphones in the charger and went to sleep, woke up to my 700's melting and burning my sheet covers on my bed! Plugged if out from the plug but it is already too late. I saw various other posts like this and the only fix is replacement, however when I checked ok the bose website by serial number, apparently my warranty ran out (even though I bought them for Christmas 2020 which was less than 6 months ago), what am I supposed to do? Also disappointed that if I didn't wake up and stop the headphones melting, the sheets might have caught fire... Never seen a charging port melt on an almost 400$ product in 2021! 





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I had the same thing happen unfortunately with the cable it came with. I was also scared of the fire hazard.

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Please avoid charging or powering on the product. We have sent you a private message to assist you further with this. 

The same damn thing happened to me aswell! My dad gave me his old pair of Bose NC700’s because they were broken, one side didn’t work (I think the right side I don’t remember). I took them and opened them up to see if I could fix em’, opened it completely, both ears, and took off the silicone on the headband to see if the cable on the headband could have been damaged, didn’t see any broken or torn cables or anything,I disconnected and reconnected all of the cables and connections that could be disconnected without soldering because I don’t have a soldering iron, put em’ back together and turned them on, now both sides weren’t working! It turned on because I saw the blue light but no sound in both ears! So I just gave up on them. After a few month, in January this year, I decided to check on them again, but the battery was dead so I put them to charge with my braided apple cable, the cable got a bit warm but I thought it wouldn’t get any warmer than that, I even smelled burnt plastic on the headphones and cable but ignored it, I flipped the cable to the other side and left for about 30 or 40 minutes, came back to burning plastic smell, no smoke though, immediately disconnected them and the plastic around the charging port was cracked and melted! AND it broke and burnt my Apple braided cable aswell! I tried a different cable, a short Sony cable I got from the xm5’s (my dad gave them to me because he didn’t like them at all, and he got some Bose NC700 to replace them!) and after like what 30 minutes it broke and burnt that cable aswell! I just said “oh hell no, I already lost 2 cables, yeah I’m leaving these to Bose” and put them in the box, with the case and everything, and sealed it with tape. I still haven’t contacted Bose but maybe I will soon. Now for your information, my dad used them a lot for years, and in heavy conditions aswell! In dusty, moist, dry, wet etc areas, and he never cleaned them! I was the one that cleaned them once in a while, so maybe that’s why it broke 2 of my cables, but I swear it only happened recently, before and after I took it apart it charged fine without burning! oh and before my dad got them, my brother got them on Christmas, I think it was 2020, but he gave it to my dad because he didn’t like over ear headphone and my dad got a lot of years out of them before one side gave up, before I got them and opened them to find nothing wrong and to come to another surprise that both sides don’t work. Sorry can’t really take a photo, can’t find a way to get to keep it under 4 MB, although the melting and cracking isn’t that bad, but still a safety hazard!

My NC700 did the same thing. It is very dangerous and now my headphones won’t charge.

The same thing. happened i visited service center they are unable to resolve the problem .does any one have solution on this please reply

Already have 2 bose melted, comfort and 700. Bose replaced them both. Just now the 700 melted again. I will contact them again tomorrow and personally I don’t care if they don’t replace this not buying this stupid product anymore. It could burn my house! Don’t buy this headphones. USB C is generic and should handle any device. This is the only product that melts. Very poor engineering for (charging). They can use the vape technology for charging and everything will be good!