Bose NC 700 keep rebooting or disconnecting from a device after high pitched noise

Since about a month ago, so probably after the latest firmware update, I'm experiencing several issues with my Bose NC 700 headphones making them unusable:

- The headphones randomly reboots from time to time. Some times, it reboots in cycles. 

- When not rebooting, connecting to my device(s) is unreliable and difficult (I need to restart the headphones and Bluetooth on my phone and try to a couple times before making it work).

-  Once I'm able to connect, after a few minutes of a working connection, I hear a high pitched noise and then it reboots and the problem start again.



Here's what I've already done:

- Use my headphone with only one device

- Forget my headphones on all devices and reset Bluetooth connections on the headphones.

- Install bose software updater that confirmed that I'm running the latest version.

I've tried resetting my headphones following these instructions:

1. Disconnect all cables from the headphones.

2. Connect one end of the USB cable to a USB-A wall charger or computer that is powered on.

3. Press and hold the Power/Bluetooth button while connecting the small end of the USB cable into the USB-C port on the right earcup.

4. Release the Power/Bluetooth button when the Bluetooth light blinks blue.


I've tried it many times in many configurations, but after point 3., I never got to a blinking blue light. I only have the white blinking light indicating that it's charging. 


Any idea what I can do?

Hi Briodf,


Thanks for reaching out to the community. I am very sorry to hear that you are having this experience with your headphones. You've done some great troubleshooting already!


As you have tried the troubleshooting in which we would suggest, I would recommend that you reach out to your local Bose product support team for further assistance. You can reach out to your local support team via clicking this link and selecting your region, this will redirect you to our website. Please scroll to the bottom of the website and there you will find a 'Contact Us' tab, this will provide you with all the relevant contact information for your country.


Thank you.

I'm having the same experience.


I had it this morning on a Teams call (it was using Handsfree profile) with Windows 10.

After that, I reconnected it and even re-paired it and only the headphones stereo profile is there (so no mic).


Quite embarrassing for such an expensive set of headphones.


This is after all the initial headaches too.


- Initial problems pairing

- Firmware update problems

- Multiple device pairing is useless - already dumbed down and made sure that I only ever try and have it paired to one device at a time


It seems that there are prolific firmware issues, and if you flick through the forums you see a huge amount of complaints on some pretty basic stuff. (you can flick through pages and pages of unhappy customers)


I just started having the same issue, I think with the latest firmware update (today).   Reboots every 5 mins and the occasional high pitched noise.   Bose CS is unresponsive - hold times on the phone are infinite and nobody responds to chat.  Very disappointed.

I have the same issue with my headphones, though it would only do this buzz/reboot connected to my phone (Galaxy S9 ).  I use the phone to listen to music, so in stereo mode.  I also connect to my Windows 10 PC for meetings, so in handsfree mono mode.  Had no problems at all using it this way with the PC.  Could run it all day.  No buzz/reboots or stutters.  Was excellent.  But as soon connected to my phone, regardless of playing music, the buzz/reboot would occur.  Doing all the recommended (and unrecommended) fixes did not stop the buzz/reboot.  And the buzz/reboot would happen every 2-5 minutes so it became unusable with my phone.


I only just got the headphones (about 3 weeks ago - on the 11th of Sep).  No idea what firmware they were on out of the box as they did a firmware update as soon as I connected to the Bose Music app for the first time.  I believe it updated to firmware 1.5.1 as this update occurred before firmware 1.7.0 came out (on the 14th of Sept).  So i had them for a couple of days on firmware 1.5.1.  I think it did the buzz/reboot but since they were new I just ignored it and I am pretty sure it only occurred infrequently - probably maybe a couple of times an hour? 


Anyway the headphones upgraded to 1.7.0 only a few days later and they became unusable with my phone.  No problems with the Windows 10 PC - though only used for conference calls, so maybe stereo music might be causing the issue?.  Absolutely nothing will fix the buzz/reboot when connected to the phone.  Trolled every forum for a fix.  Nothing will work - the reboot with the cable, the deleting bluetooth pairings, re-pairing, re-installing the app, clearing bluetooth storage data/cache on phone, waiting for headphones to start and then start bluetooth on phone, clicking your heels 3 times, sacrificing to the gods.  Absolutely nothing, except downgrading the firmware to 1.3.1.  Since downgrading to this I have had no buzz/reboots connected to phone and laptop.


You will lose the EQ and the connectivity to devices isn't as stable (as 1.7.0) - you will get the occasional stutter.  But this isn't too bad - still not great for a AU$500 pair of headphones.  When the headphones were not doing the buzz/reboot on firmware 1.7.0 the connection to the phone and laptop was great (better than 1.3.1).  But the buzz/reboot drove me insane - being in a meeting and you are halfway saying something or miss out on hearing something important.  The worse is when you are going to bed and want to listen to some music.  You quietly drift off to sleep with some music and BUZZZZ!!!!!, reboot and that stupid orchestral music plays at a 100 decibels.  You fully wake up thinking someone is robbing your house - nope just you $500 headphones.  Almost threw them against the wall out of frustration.


I believe the firmware is just rubbish.  Just waiting for Bose to actually fix it before attempting to upgrade them.  Bose doesn't even acknowledge the buzz/reboot even though there are hundreds of people complaining about it in their own forums. 


actually did downgrade to firmware 1.5.1 and they also did the buzz/reboot.  Went back to 1.3.1.


Black Bose NC 700

Manufacturing date 7th of October 2019 - built almost a year before I got them (from Amazon AU).

Welcome to the club,


This has been an issue since February!!! Have a look here


Seems like the latest update just made it available widely, which hopefully will push Bose to do something. I've called Bose, and am currently on my 2nd replacement (3rd set), yet still having the same god damned issue. Every time, they insist that a new pair won't have the problem when obviously it's a firmware issue.

I am having the exact same issues- I am getting a replacement if not, I will have to go for the Sony headphones. It's embarrassing to get disconnected from a webex with such stupidly expensive headphones. I used to love the QC35 II. Sadly these one came out too buggy for me. 

Hello Together

I've observed exactly the same as LordAsmodeus666. However for me It's no option to downgrade to the Firmware 1.3.1 as this firmware has issues with Bluetooth voice quality with my Business PC. 
I spent many hours testing and analyzing which in fact makes them even more expensive!  I thought that if I buy a Bose product I could just use them without spending lot of time. I learned, that I was totally wrong!


I try to run them with my Samsung (SM‑A530F) running Android 9 , latest updates from Samsung but no success in getting any stability. Also tried with several PCs and Bluetooth dongles, no success. 

Tiered of all that I finally bought a product from competitor Brand for half of the price on Black Friday. This one is working pretty smooth  and is ahead of Bose 700 in most facts except the Noise Canceling.


However I still hope that Bose is getting to a point where they're able to solve the issues and I finally can use my headphone before it's hardware is old!

My new set of Bose 700 are doing the same. Sending them back for refund. I cannot need disconnected from calls and teams.  My older Bose never had an issue. I was really liking them.


just got a replacement pair yesterday and the same problem occurred today.  

Same issue, I’m on my THIRD replacement of the Bose 700s and having the same problem. This happens on my macbook as well so it’s not just an issue with an app using bluetooth in the background.

For what it is worth, I haven’t found the flawless bluetooth headphones yet. Currently on B&O Beoplay EX. Liking them, but still testing to find the size of the pad that stick to my ears. Previously Apple Airpods 2nd generation. Found them more comfortable, but the sound quality of the B&O is way above.