Bose Portable Home Speaker Disconnecting From Alexa!

By speaker keeps on losing connection to Alexa. Every three or four days I have to hard reset and set up the entire speaker again to get Alexa to work. I’ve seen other posts online but they don’t seem like they have a fix for it. Any suggestions I do not use Google assistant. I have one more day to return this. If I can’t find a fixed it will have to go back unfortunately!!



I have the same issue in the respect that when I turn the power off the speaker it will not reconnect to Alexa when I power back up. I have to either leave the power on or hard reset the speaker. 

When I originally bought the speaker and set it up it worked fine. This behavior just started about two weeks ago. 😝

I returned my 1st unit and the 2nd does the same thing. When it’s completely turned off and turned back Alexa stops working. It is a hassle to have to restore the speaker completely to get Alexa working again. Seems like a software update could fix this.

I see Boses response is to restore the speaker every time you lose Alexa.. $350 speaker shouldt have this simple issue.

Hello Community,


Thank you for reaching out and we are sorry to hear that you are having this experience. 


This is something which we are aware of and are working towards a fix. In the meantime, something we do suggest which has proven to be a short term resolution is keeping your product on charge. If you have the charging cradle you can leave this on the cradle, if not then please keep your speaker connected to power whilst using Alexa.


We appreciate your patience whilst we look into this further for a resolution. 

It's good to hear that it is indeed a known problem. I hope a fix is in the near future because I really enjoy the speaker.

When might we see a fix for this issue? 

Come  on Bose fix this!!😡