Bose Pro Winter Portable Promotion. Save 15% until March 31, 2017 US & Canada

Bose Pro Winter Portable Promotion 

Save 15% when purchasing an F1, L1® Model II, L1® Model 1S, L1® Compact, T1 ToneMatch® audio engine, B1 bass module, B2 bass module, or Packlite® power amplifier model A1. fromThursday, February 16, 2017, through Friday, March 31, 2017. Applies to US and Canada.


Why the bigger than normal and odd time of year discount?  I know you can't say, but this makes me think new models or price cuts are looming.  

Hi Scott, it's a great time of the year (especially with some folks having tax refunds).  Time to purge out old gear and buy something new?

I get that, I just meant that I haven't seen Bose do a promo this time of year and 15% off.  If I didn't already have 2 compacts and 2 L1 Model II with B2, I might buy something.  

thanks to this sale, I've got a new compact