Bose QC Earbuds Charging Case Opening

There have been a lot of comments around the case size.  Personally I don't find it too bad - it's got to accommodate the earbuds, and a big plus over most competition is wireless charging.  But...


...the opening mechanism is a disaster.  If you try to hold the case and open it one-handed, with your fingers the back of the case (just where the USB port is located) your fingers stop the lid from opening properly while you struggle to depress the catch fully with your thumb.  If you place your fingers further away from the lid hinge then I guarantee at some point you'll drop the case.   The button shouldn't need to be depressed as far as it does to open the case.  Maybe I've got a duff case - anyone else got a view on this?

I'm facing similar issues with my charging case, especially the case not opening with a simple button press when holding from one hand (even when I'm not blocking the case opening from behind).


I have to

- use 2 hands and use extra force than it should be.

- use my nail to be able to press it far.

- press it in the exact middle (what's the point of a long rectangular button if it only works from in the middle?)


 tagging a mod to reply on this issue. Please respond if this is just a design flaw with the case, or if I've received a bad case that needs to be replaced. It feels like a cheap case for 10/20$ earbuds.

Hi both, 


Thank you so much for reaching out to us! 


We thank you so much for your feedback, we love to hear from our customers about feature requests. I have passed this onto the relevant team for review. 



I am following up on this issue as  have been having the same problem. over a month ago the Bose Moderator Jessie_O on this board said she was sending it to Bose for clarification but we never heard back. Bose, can you respond?
Thank you.

Same here, opening the case is a disaster, one needs to grasp it firm and then place the thumbnail on it taking care that it doesn't slide from the button. Its annoying!

@Charlotte_G   Any update on this? This never got addressed.

I just got mine 2 days ago (9/21/21) and I want to launch the same complaint. Big design flaw in the case opening aspect of the product.