Bose QC Earbuds - Skin Irritation / Allergic Reaction

Experiencing an allergic reaction to the silicone ear tips packaged with the QC earbuds. Showing signs of contact dermatitis. Has BOSE received feedback in this regard, and are they working on a materials solution? Have used JayBird brand in-ear silicone tips for years without any irritation.

Hi Bit_troupe,


So sorry to hear of your experience. 


Please do not continue to use the earbuds and contact your local product support team. You can reach out to your local support team by clicking this link and selecting your region. This will redirect you to our website. Please scroll to the bottom of the website and there you will find a 'Contact Us' tab, this will provide you with all the relevant contact information for your country. Please contact us via telephone so we can assist you.


Many thanks.

I am curious how the answer provided solved the problem. I have experienced allergic reaction with Powerbeats Pro and I was looking for an alternative. I have a Bose QC headphones and was looking into these earbuds. I do not want to experience the same issue with the Powerbeats. Thanks. 

I think the way that this is being resolved is just by issuing a refund. I had several headphones by Bose and this is the first time that I've experienced contact dermatitis. I had a more severe reaction from Apple's Air Pod Pros.


I just ended a call with a representative from Bose and they stated that the material in the ear tips has not changed. It just seems so weird that I am not having this issue with Bose when I never did previously. 

May I ask what the solution was? 

I experienced the same problem with the new QC earbuds.  Just for reference, I purchased the Bose QuietComfort 20 noise cancelling buds about 2 months ago and have used these with no irritation issues. I use these much more for work wired to my computer and never have problems.   I received my QC buds which are causing the irritation issues.  The only difference is that the QC20 have clear earplugs where the QC buds have the black.  I  question their comment about the material is the same since the results are very different.  

I'm afraid of having the same problem with only one of my ears, never had this before (QC20). Will try again and see. I'd say the material is quite different, not as soft and gummy as it used to be in QC20? 

I am experiencing same problem with my brand new Bose QuietComfort Earbuds. I had Soundsport wireless and Soundsport free wireless without any issue.


Have called call center today and they have never heard about this problem and will re-route the ticket further

Anyone who have managed to come to a solution? 

I would love a response here too. I thought I was losing my mind but I am having a terrible reaction to these earbuds. And Bose is wrong that there’s been no change in the materials because we wouldn’t be having an issue if that was the case. It’s pretty clear customer service doesn’t have all the facts. 

I had a pair of “Freestyle“ earbuds for years (that I loved) and of course once I went to replace them I discovered Bose no longer makes  them.


I purchased the Bose Sport (whatever the newer ones are with the cord but they’re wireless) version and they make my ears itch like crazy. I have never in my entire life experienced itchy ears. Ever.


I actually have all of the pieces and attachments for my “Freestyle” earbuds and just put one in my ear this morning, no itching. At all. 

There’s a difference and I’m bummed because wearing these earbuds is a constant and literal irritation. Bose needs to provide the correct information to its customer service people so they can provide accurate answers to customers. 

I have had a terrible allergic reaction to the Bose QC earbuds : skin peeling, very itchy skin & ear infection. Must be the latex or rubber. 

I had the same issue with the QC Earbuds (type 1). I contacted Bose which professed to have never heard about the issue, and progressed up to higher level customer care people. Their claim not to have heard about this seems disingenuous. I’ve now read many accounts of the exact same ear issues by many people.

I was appreciative that Bose refunded me for my purchase, and informed me that the new version is made from the same materials, so buying them would be unwise. I’m happy on the one hand, but sad as they were the best earphones/earbuds I’ve ever used.

I would think at this point, Bose would acknowledge there’s an allergy issue for some people, and offer some type of alternative silicone fastening devices. It’s a missed marketing opportunity!

I bought my QC in march 2023. I had the same problems. it was terrible. I contacted BOSE directly. supposidly they are having a rep get back to me to resolve the problem. You would think they would fabricate new earpieces with different material.

I never had any issues with all the products until the QC Earbuds … I used them 1 year without even realising that the infection and allergic reactions were caused by the earbuds. I stopped using them and the allergic reaction went away slowly. I then gave them away to a friend and bought the QC Earbuds II hoping that they would be different. Unfortunately I had the same issue.

I called Bose Customer service and they offered a replacement with the newer Earbuds Ultra claiming the silicone is a different one.
I just received my new earbuds ultra but sadly I felt and immediate itch in my ears and now they are swollen and hot. It is really horrible.

I had several replacement tips left from the former models and compared them.
The QC Earbuds /Earbuds II and the Earbuds Ultra have definitely a different (soft touch feeling ) silicone compared to the Soundsport wireless, which has a transparent tip and a more sturdy silicone.

Bose needs to bring back that material asap. I’m so sad because I love the sound so much, but my ears hurt and I’m right now looking for some replacement tips that are made from a different material. If anyone found some alternative tips or suggestions please hit me.


Maybe try the Comply tips. They are a different material as far as I can tell.