Bose QC45/QuietComfort 45

So as everyone is now aware. Bose has decided to release the QC45. I preordered with fast shipping. Bose is once again the best in active noise cancelling And it’s no secret why. They started the idea back in 1976. And took 25 years of research to release a consumer pair that everyone could buy in the early 2000’s... 1st class flyers were able to access them in the early 90’s. I do think Bose got a little caught up with “being the best” and resorted to a little pause in development after the QC35’s were released. Anyways....The QuietComfort earbuds are the best pair of noise cancelling headphones or earbuds you can buy. The sound quality is 1st class for truly wireless earbuds and the openness of the earbuds are actually better than the QC35II so I would imagine the openness of the QC45 are going to a lot like the QuietComfort earbuds or even better. But overall earbuds Are no where near over the ear headphones. I’m wondering if the QC45 will differ in sound quality when compared to the QC35II tho. They are marketing this high fidelity audio thing for the first time. And I don’t know if that means updated codec like aac HD or if it means updated sound quality/frequency response. I thought the Bose QC35II were very good in the sound department but lacked sparkle at the very top. And came off sharp due to the treble being jumpy. It also lacked rumble at the very bottom which everyone was hoping for a update that would fix the lack of low end rumble but let’s face it. You can’t really change audio quality with a update. Still the QC35II is my go to for sound quality. But I do feel like Bose would of recognized the talk about lack in low bass rumble, the talk about the treble coming off sharp especially at louder volumes. And the lack of sparkle at the very top. I know I’m being very picky here. But another feature that I think finally took off after all this time was the use of volume optimized EQ (which Bose has been using for decades)... On the QC35II the volume optimized EQ is barely even noticeable. May as well be non existent because when I listen to the QuietComfort earbuds. The volume optimized EQ is fantastic at every volume level. I feel like the treble is definitely lacking on the QuietComfort earbuds. But the bass hits low. Not super duper low. But the bass is tight and big without sounding bulky and muddy. But for earbuds that’s as good as you are going to get in sound quality. Bose had me lost with the release of the NC700’s.... But I think they are definitely up to something here. I’m super exited to get my hands on the QC45. I’ll also leave my thoughts here on how good the QC45 is compared to the QC35II.  I would love to see a response or 2 maybe talking about the QC45 or even confirming some of my thoughts.