Bose S1 Bluetooth Wake Up

Is there a setting to allow the S1 Speaker to wake up when a Bluetooth device turns on?  Such as an AppleTV.  Annoying to have to switch the S1 on then off to get it to reconnect.  

I am really speechless after using it for some time. Excellent audio quality with proper deep baas. Unique design for giving it an attractive look as well. You can simply plug it in anywhere and start playing. You can also use wireless streaming. It is also quite lightweight so easily portable mcdvoice.

I think I have a solution.  In the settings for the speaker on the Bose app there is an option for the speaker to remain on and not go to sleep.  With the always on option selected the speaker doesn't turn off and the blue light remains on constantly.  When the AppleTV is turned on the sounds come from the S1 like a normal speaker would.  I just wish there was a way that the AppleTV could wake the speaker so the speaker isn’t constantly on.  

The only issue with this is the speaker is always on, warm and wastes power.