Bose S1 hum/hiss noise

Hi all,


Recently, my Bose S1 pro has been making a hum/hiss noise about 10 seconds after I turn it on. The noise increases when I turn up the volume on input 1 and 2 even when it’s not plugged in. The hum/hiss is there when music is playing. 
I think it started after I charged up the battery to full. I have tried having it plugged in but still makes the sound. 

Any help/people who have experienced these issues is massively appreciated.




Hi Stanley,

Welcome to the Bose forum! Thanks for stopping by. 

Please could you confirm whether the sound you hear is more like a hiss, or more of an electrical 'hum'? 


Also, does this still occur if the battery is removed completely?

Hi Dylan,


Thanks for your reply. It is more like a hiss than a hum to be honest.

I have not tried to take the battery out but will let you know if the sounds continues when the battery is removed. 

Thanks again,