Bose S1 Pro Balanced Input

Looking for clarity - Will the S1 Pro accept balanced input on channels 1 and/or 2 from a mixer?


Page 7 of the manual says "SIGNAL INPUT – Analog input for connecting microphone (XLR) and instrument (TS unbalanced) cables."


But the online wiki says:


Recommended Connections



Based on my experience (and I'm sure others here have had the same experience), the S1 will accept both balanced (TRS) and unbalanced (TS) 1/4" input, from a mixer.


I think it's been pointed out on this forum that some signal depreciation is expected when using a TS.


In short, both will work.



Thanks! I haven't experienced any noticeable signal degradation with TS input. I have a mixer that I haven't used with my S1 Pros because I didn't think it would handle. TRS. This is a big help.