Bose S1 Pro low end rattle

Hi- I’m using a Bose S1 Pro for smaller acoustic gigs- I run a Gibson J45 and a Neumann KMS105 into a 4 channel Gen 1 Bose T1 Tonematch mixer- I use the Master Out (pre master volume) to go into channel 1 of the S1 Pro. Volume, bass, and treble on S1 Pro all at 12 o’clock. Basically, I’m doing my sound design in the T1 and using the S1 as a powered speaker. 
It sounds great, except for when I play a song in drop-D tuning on my acoustic. For some reason, the low D on my guitar causes a really annoying rattle in the S1. Note that I am NOT playing loud- the individual channel volume for my guitar on the T1 is only at 9 o’clock. 
I know the S1 can handle more low end as I have used it for music playback with much bass-ier music than the low string of an acoustic guitar. This situation is keeping me from playing songs in D in my set!

Any advice? I haven’t added any eq to the guitar in the T1... and I don’t want to have to take away low end, as it sounds totally appropriate where it is...except for the key of D or C#. 
I’ve read forums about people even playing bass through an S1, so I don’t feel that this should happen with an acoustic guitar. 

Hey Tomgossin,

Thank you for posting, welcome to the Bose forum! Sorry to see you're having this problem.

When playing the drop-D string on your guitar, does it sound like the audio from the speaker is distorting? Or does the rattling sound more like it is coming from the speaker housing itself? I recommend checking that none of the screws appear loose on the S1 Pro.

Hope this helps!

It sounds like the speaker itself is just "farting out" for lack of a better term.  It seems to only occur at the frequency of that D note.  I've even plugged in a bass to see if the same thing would did not.  Also, plugged in my 808, and the kick sound did not make the s1 rattle at all either.  Very weird...


Can the grill be removed to inspect tightness of screws etc?

Hi Tomgossin,

The S1 Pro grille can be removed - though, please note, unscrewing and removing any of the internal components behind it will void the warranty.

As this is only happening with the acoustic guitar, I recommend using a low-cut filter on the T1 for this instrument. The drop D note frequency would be roughly 73Hz, so rolling off the frequencies below this will not lose you any 'power' and will likely give the overall sound from the S1 Pro more clarity.  

Let me know if this works!

Same problem here. I sing and play backing tracks directly through s1. Rattles--at least sounds like a rattle--in low end and then distorts at moderate volume. No screws loose other than in my head. Happens when same tunes as always running in irealpro along with Band in a Box songs.


Well reported on the old forum. S1P suffers from port noise at moderate levels of bass. Suggest lowering the bass frequencies or applying a hpf.