Bose S1 Pro unable to update software

Bose app doesn't show Party Mode button for connecting two S1 speakers to bluetooth simultaneous, as per the Bose S1 Pro description. I called technical support and they directed me to to update the S1 software. After connecting a USB type A to USB mini type B from my laptop to the S1 speaker and selecting the S1 speaker on the web site, it never redirects me to the update page. The tech support specialist stated I was using a charging cable and needed to buy a data cable. I think she was just blowing smoke up my **bleep**. How do I resolve this?

I'm having the same problem. Did an update. Both speakers are connected via bluetooth but no on the app, therefore can't do party mode. I already deleted and reinstalled the app. Help!

I purchased a USB (type A) to micro USB (type B) data cable, a charge only cable will not connect for data transfer. Once I updated the firmware, my Android Moto 6 will not connect to either speaker using the Bose Connect app but it works fine with a Samsung Note. Seems to be a compatibility issue with the Moto. Issues elevated to the software engineers and I hope they upgrade the firmware soon or I need to purchase a better phone.

Hi P3Chief,

Welcome to the forum, thank you for your post! I'm happy to see that the Bose support team has already raised a ticket to our engineering team for this compatibility issue, and I hope it can be swiftly addressed. 

Hi Icarus 66,

I'm sorry to see you're having trouble adding your S1 Pro system to the Bose Connect app. I recommend following the steps in our response on this thread.

Hope this helps!