Bose Sleep App 2.1.0 and Sleepbud Firmware



On Tuesday, April 23, 2019, a new Bose Sleep App update 2.1.0 became available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


This update introduces "phone call alerts." This feature allows users to decide whether or not to receive an in-bud alert when a connected mobile device receives an incoming call. The alerts played in the Sleepbuds follow the device's “do not disturb” settings which can be set to allow all calls or limit calls to the device’s "Favorites."
Please note: Calls cannot be answered via the Sleepbuds. The user must take the call on the mobile device. This new feature will require a firmware update for the Sleepbuds which will be communicated to the user within the app.


Release notes:


Bose Sleep v.2.1.0


  • New "phone call alerts" feature allows users to hear in-bud alerts on an incoming call. You can access the Alerts feature in the settings menu. This feature requires a firmware update via the home screen notification.
  • Bug fixes and performance updates.



Now supports phone call alerts.