Bose Sleep App 2.4.2 – iOS only

Starting Tuesday, April 14th, 2020, a new update for the Bose Sleep App (2.4.2) is available through the Apple App Store. This release includes a hotfix for iOS customers to resolve a Bluetooth connection issue related to iOS 13.4 (see the firmware notes here. Note that resolution of the Bluetooth issue requires updating to the latest firmware (


The Android version of the Sleep App in the Google Play Store will remain at 2.4.1. However, we strongly encourage all users to update their sleepbuds firmware to the latest version.


If your sleepbuds were previously connected to an iOS device, and the app update does not allow you to reconnect automatically, you can go to your phone’s Settings app and “forget” the buds from the phone’s Bluetooth settings, and then try again.


Official release notes

Bose Sleep App 2.4.2 - iOS

Bug fixes and performance improvements


Compatible OS versions

iOS: 10.0 and later