Bose SMART soundbar 700 (2021 model) vs soundbar 700

Hello, am considering installing a soundbar in my TV-room, just wondering: what is the real difference between the 2021-model labeled 'SMART' and the previous-years model 'soundbar 700'?

Difference limited to 2021-model having Alexa on-board, or is there more to it?

Looking forward to hearing from the expert team!

There is no difference.  Bose do not update thier systems every year and there is no "version 2" of the Soundbar 700. 

Hi Moriock, thanks for your reply.  I am happy to believe you, but why would Bose have added "SMART" to the 2021-model naming of their soundbar 700.  Would that be just and only a marketing gimmick??

I would purchase the "Smart" version just in-case Bose made some improvements.

Sure, but pretty frustrating that Bose cannot be transparant about this if you ask me ... Maybe I should just leave Bose for what it is after 25y, and move over to another brand ... eg Sonos Arc soundbar ...

It's just a rebranding so that people are more aware that it's part of the "Smart Speaker" range and is compatible with the Home Speakers.  When introduced there was a lot of confusion regarding compatibility with SoundTouch and even now with the SoundLink ranges.

cheers Morlock, that makes sense ... from a marketing perspective 🙂