Bose sound link Revolve connect to bluetooth


I have a Bose Revolve speaker..  I recently bought a new computer and connected the bluetooth setting on the computer to the Bose Resolve.  I play it for folk dancing.  It works, but I cannot control the volume from the speaker.

Since all our music comes originally from different sources, the volume is not the same and many times we have to adjust the volume.  I don't want to have to go into the computer in the middle of a dance to do this.

Is there a way to set it up, so that I can use the control buttons for volume on the Bose speaker?


Hello Folkdancer and welcome to the Community! 

Thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear that you are having volume issues on your SoundLink Revolve. I will be happy to help you! 

You mentioned that your music is coming from various sources. Could you elaborate on that? Did you create a playlist yourself with songs you have downloaded? 

What type of computer do you have? Are you using iTunes as your media provider or are you using a music service like Spotify? 

Looking forward to hear from you! 

Through the years, as music for new dances became available, people would download it into the computer via CD or Thumb drive.  As a result different volumes are needed for some of the music.


We recently bought an HP lap top, and transferred the music via a thumb drive.  The computer has bluetooth, and was hoping to connect to the Bose Revolve without a cord.  But we found that we could not adjust the volume on the Bose speaker when it was wireless via bluetooth.  We could only change it within the computer. This is not practical.


The computer is only being used to play the music for folk dancing.

I am hoping there is some way that we can adjust something, so that we can change the volume easily on the speaker, and not have to go into the computer.



, it may be that your computer does not have the right Bluetooth protocols. Please could you try having the computer volume 100 and then pairing the Revolve via Bluetooth and see if the buttons can then adjust the volume via the speaker?


As a professional who is regularly involved in audio creation and modification, what I believe is asking is the following.  They have a single playing device that plays tracks.  Not all audio tracks are recorded at the same volume.  Or even more, it may also be possible to have segments of a single audio track recorded at different volumes.  As a result, there could be an ongoing real time need to change the playback volume as the audio is playing.  One way is certainly going to the source player (the application or the overall volume on the computer) and changing the volume.

The question here is whether the Revolve which could be a distance from the computer can be used to change the volume.  I have not used my Revolves via BT on my Dell laptop in quite some time as I prefer to play them wired.

So I am asking for a confirmation here.  I do believe for wired, you can not control the volume on the Revolve.  I also know on smart devices like the iPhone, you CAN control the volume on the Revolve.


So your comments suggest that certain bluetooth requirements need to be satisfied for the ability of the Revolve to control the volume.  What EXACTLY must the laptop BT implementation have to allow the Revolve to control the volume?

I (rightly or wrongly) have asummed over the years that volume from a laptop/desktop could never be controlled by the Revolve.  So if you can under certain conditions, what exactly are they?


When the speaker is wired to the computer, and I have the bluetooth off in the computer, I can adjust the volume on the Bose. I have the speaker right next to the computer.

It is when I activate the bluetooth within the computer, that I cannot seem to control the volume from the speaker.

Someone suggested I turn the volume up in the computer to 100%, and I cannot try that till Tuesday when I go into the hall where we folk dance, and I keep the computer, and speaker.

I am not very computer savvy, so have had a lot of outside help to transfer the music from the old computer to the new one, and to set up the bluetooth connection.

I am open to any suggestions, but cannot try anything till Tuesday.

Thank you for you help.

I finally brought the computer in for a session, with the Revolve Bose.  I set the computer volume to 100%, as suggested, and found I still could not get any volume control thru the speaker.

So I had to hook it up without the Bluetooth on the computer.


Is there any app to install that might help me? If not I guess the Bluetooth will not work for me, and I will have to continue to hook up the computer and speaker with a cord.

Thank you for your help.


Bluetooth is a two way communication and is implemented via a series of agreed upon 'standardized' protocols as implemented by a Bluetooth 'stack'

You really have no way to change the way the bluetooth communication is implemented from the Bose end.  So there is no function in Bose connect or another app you can add anywhere to impact the Revolve implementation as far as I know.

As you can see from the first link, laptops and desktop machines sometimes have multiple 'implementations'.  It is "possible" that one stack implementation that comes standard with your computer works one way and perhaps a different one will work differently and allow you to control the volume from the Revolve.  If you want to do extensive research (which I have not), find out what makes the iPhone BT stack work and then identify a product with a stack that has similar functionality.

It is unlikely your vendor supplied BT hardware will support multiple stacks so you will have to disable your internal BT and purchase a BT USB "dongle" which supports the stack that you think may help you.  For example, on my Dell Precision M4800 laptop (which runs win 7/64 not win 10), I was having issues working with my internal Intel supplied BT chipset (regardless of the various 'drivers' offered by Intel  - BTW, try updating or regressing your BT driver from the BT VENDOR and not the COMPUTER vendor in my case Intel not Dell).  So I totally disabled it and purchased a BT USB dongle (on eBay or Amazon) which supported the "CSR Drivers / BT Stack".  For my issues which were not volume, it solved the communication problem.


Thank you.  I guess we will just have to always connect with a wire.