Bose Soundbar 500 stuck in update mode

Hi everyone,


I have buy Soundbar 500 in near 2020, stuck in update mode, with the scrolling white light on the left-hand-side for a week now!

I have trawled the community, i have try agian more than recovery and reset but this disapointed.

I even tried from the remote, press, and hold the Power button and Skip forward button for 5 seconds, this didn't HELP, I thought the issue is with remote batteries and I replaced with new batteries but still, the bar isn't responding to remote.

I’m plugged in an Ethernet cable. Patiently waiting with fingers crosse but this not working

Hello Leon and welcome to the Community! 

Sorry to hear that your Soundbar 500 is stuck in an update loop. I will be happy to help. 

I see that you have tried various troubleshooting methods. I would recommend that you use recovery mode that will help refresh the system and push the update through. 
To do this, you can check out the guide on our support website here, to get the instructions on how to activate recovery mode. 

Let me know how you get on!