Bose Soundbar 700 configurations



I picked up the Bose soundbar 700 and bass module. Does anyone know what other speakers can be connected to this? I've been trying to find a set of wall mount speakers but it looks like they're on back order with no date. The only thing I think can connect is another baas unit.

For surround sound you can only pair the Bose Surround Speaker (same as the Virtually invisible 300) or the SS700.  For Bass you can add two Bass modules 500/700 (but they both have to be the same - 2x 500s or 2x 700s).


For multi room sound you can add any of the Bose Smart Speakers (Home speaker 300/500 or Portable Home Speaker)


If they are out of stock there may be other resellers that have it, otherwise you'll need to wait for them to come back in as there are no others that will work.