Bose Soundbar 700 Heating Issue

This is with regards to my soundbar 700, have observed recently tht while playing the soundbar the right side of the soundbar is heating up, this has started, if I am not wrong after the upgrade of latest software update received by bose. Does somebody has any idea regarding the same can someone help me out, is this a technical issue.

Please help out immediately.



Thanks for reaching out. 


If you are concerned by the heat of your Soundbar, please disconnect from power and do not continue to use. Please reach out to your local product support team. You can call your local support team via clicking this link and selecting your region, this will redirect you to our website. Please scroll to the bottom of the website and there you will find a 'Contact Us' tab, this will provide you with all the relevant contact information for your country. 


Thank you.

Do you feel Hard Reset would help my heating problem of soundbar 700

Can somebody please help me out on information on the re-opening of bose service centre as I am unable to use my soundbar since last 20 days I am residing in India - Mumbai.

Hi Aviraj, 


It would appear that due to Covid-19 your local service centre is currently not open, they do have email support available I would suggest reaching out to them via this outlet. Regrettably we do not have any information in regards to the re-opening of your centre. 


We thoroughly appreciate your patience at this time. 

i have already dropped a mail to support team, they replied that I need to carry the product to the service centre which is not possible, it's really surprising that multinational company like Bose can't arrange a technical expert to visit my place. Infact if a technical expert visits my place I can show him the exact issue that I am facing after the recent software update. It's not even a year after the purchase of the soundbar & woffer I am facing this issue. Since now there is a relaxation in lockdown you guys can arrange a technician. I am residing in mumbai 

For how long the service centres will be closed, please note I am unable to use my Television as my bose soundbar is connected to the same, and I cannot play my television sound as it's speakers are not functioning. I am really surprised the call centre outside India is operational but the same is not functioning in india. I am more concern about my warrenty period this lockdown should not impact the same.

I have soundbar 300 and it also heats up (moderately) from the bottom right side. I was covering it with a cloth while using it. Later I remove the cover and kept it on a little higher surface to maintain a little more gap between the bar and the table surface. It worked fine. However, if it is heating up too much, go by what Bose is recommending.

Thanks for your help just wanted to know after keeping a gap between the table surface and soundbar has the heating problem completly solved or is it the intensity of heating is less now.

Please reply

It still heats up but the intensity of heating is less now.

Thanks for your feedback ideally the heating should not occur, as this was one of the selling point of bose representative at time of selling this product. Did u got any help from the bose technical team for this issue.

, your soundbar should not be heating. Please reach out to your local support team using the link above for assistance. 

Sure, I will after this COVID situation. However, how is it possible that an electronic device does not heat up at all. Just wondering..


Mine is ST300.