Bose Soundlink III Shuts Down Fully Charged

While playing music, after approximately 30-40 min (actual time varies /-) the unit turns itself off for no apparent reason.  I press the power button and it again syncs up with my iPhone.  I own 2 Soundlink III's.  This does not occur with the other unit and has only recently begun to happen with the unit in question.  It happens all the time now.  Once reconnected it stays on until I power off.  The unit is fully powered when this happens showing 'green' light status. It is the older of the two III's.  Any thoughts? Many thanks in advance.  Steve

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I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your SoundLink III.


Can you please confirm:


- Does this issue only occur with the iPhone? What happens if paired with other devices?

- How long have you owned the speaker? Could the battery be depleted after years of use? 

- How are you listening to music? Bluetooth or via AUX?

- What is the listening level? 


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iPhone via bluetooth. 

No issues using cell bluetooth w other devices. 

Unit is 4 yrs old. 

I own two III’s.  No issues with the other one. It’s 2 yrs old. 

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It is strange how specific this issue you are encountering is. The fact it's always after roughly the same amount of time and that once you reconnect it doesn't happen again is very odd.


Will the speaker still shut itself down in this way if you are playing to it while it is connected to power, or does it only do this when you are using the battery power?


If there is no audio playing and no interaction with the speaker, it will turn off automatically after 30 minutes, as it seems to be around this time that it seems to be doing this, it could be that this auto-off is being triggered incorrectly. When controlling the volume on the speaker do you usually do this from your phone or the buttons on the speaker? Try raising the volume on your phone to about 75% and then adjusting on the speaker, and then doing the same the other way round and see if it does the same with both levels, to see if on one of these settings it believes it is not receiving a signal and turns off.


Let me know how this goes.

Same thing happens.  After 40 min there is s feint pop noise and the unit shuts down.  Power indicator glows orange.  I disconnect the power cord, power back on via battery and reconnect play for hours just fine.  

Hey im4umia, what volume is the source/speaker when this shut down occurs? Have you tested using a different phone/tablet as the source? It sounds like there may be an issue with the perceived incoming volume level which could cause automatic standby, or there may be a hardware fault with the speaker. 


If the issue persists on higher volumes and across multiple different devices, as the issue is only ongoing with one of your SoundLink III speakers, there may be a hardware issue. Should this be the case, I encourage you to reach out to Bose support in your region directly to discuss further the available service options.

Interesting, this just started happening to me this week. Even with the speaker plugged into power, playing BT audio from iPad.  I will try the suggestion of raising volume on iPad and lowering volume on Soundlink itself.




Battery life is suddenly poor; lasts 30-40 mins after fully charging.

So disappointing; as I use with iPad 

Any feedback appreciated.


I'm having a similar issue except it will shut down as soon as I place it on its charger base (even when battery is full). 

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, it sounds like the battery has degraded. You can reach out to local support via the link provided by Andy_B to seek service.


, does this speaker shut down when you try charging via the power cable instead of the dock? 


, please let us know if the troubleshooting helped. 😊