Bose SoundTouch App Update for iOS - 25.0.5 - November 12th 2020

An update for the Bose SoundTouch app for iOS users became available  on November 12th. The update will be prompted from within the SoundTouch app for exisiting users, or available for download from the Apple Store.


Version information

iOS App: 25.0.5


Release Notes

-In order to maintain performance of SoundTouch products and app experiences, app support for devices running iOS 9 and lower will no longer be supported.

Users with iOS devices running these operating systems (iOS 8 and iOS 9) will continue to be able to use the current and previous versions of the SoundTouch app, but will not be eligible for future updates.

-Stability Enhancements for iOS devices.

-General Bug fixes and app improvements.


The update for Android users will soon be available.

This app still sucks, either that or your speakers do. I have to log in, or reconnect my phone to the speaker EVERY TIME I GO TO USE IT. It’s so time consuming it’s not worth it half the time. And so you can quit using the same excuses... it’s literally within 5 feet of the router. So NO THAT’S NOT IT. 

Same problem about "weak signal", even when I have the device within ten feet of the router. Now that Bose has decided to abandon SoundTouch, I am not expecting any help with this.  Because of these issues, I have decided never to buy a Bose product again.

hello Bose service 

i have problem with my bose soundtouch 20 ( wifi ) ! 

-  after update my speaker by copy file update .stu( soundtouch 20 seri 1&2   to usb drive  and connect to " setup B " port  then press hold "4" "-"   then  connect to power cable  !  my speaker being installing from 1% to 50%  and stop in 50% !  i am waiting about 3h  but  still 50%  !  then i am disconnect power cable then reconnect  ! my speaker turn   on Lcd  and say " installing 0% "  and  standing 0%  ......... ! 

- how to fix my problem ? helf me solve my problem !