Bose Sport Earbuds - Voice Assistant cannot be turned off

I'm usually very satisfied with Bose products and it would be the case for the new Sports Earbuds if it weren't for the non-stop interventions from the voice assistant, calling every contact in my phone at the slightest touch.

I haven't find the option anywhere to deactivate voice assistant or re-assign the button to another function (as I've seen recommended for other Bose devices). I've also tried turning off Siri on my phone but it doesn't help. 

Please provide the option in the settings menu of the Bose Music app to deactivate voice-assistant. Any other suggestion is greatly appreciated !

Thank you.



Hey Victor.e.pierson, 


Thank you for posting and welcome to the Bose Community! Sorry to hear that you aren't fully satisfied with your earbuds due to the voice assistant. 


This isn't something that can be disabled on the headset, however, I'd love to raise this as a feature request for you. 


If any other users would like to see this added please do let us know. 

Hi Hector,

Yes, that would be great. Having this feature would be a real problem solver !

Thank you.

Yes!  PLEASE give us an option to turn it off.

Yes please. Being able to disable the "voice assistant" option would be great! Thank you!

Yes please. This would be a really useful addition, perhaps by adding a toggle to turn Siri off in the Bose Music App. 

How do I stop the new QC Earbuds from starting Bixby on my Samsung Z Fold when I touch and hold the right ear bud? It is annoying when wearing a hood or hat that Bixby keeps popping up. I see no way to disable voice assistant.

yes, this feature is a must for these earbuds. It is annoying to enable. Oice assistant by mistake.

Hello Everyone, 


Thank you for posting. 


I have added your names to the list of users who would like this as a feature. We appreciate your feedback. 

I would also like to comment on this issue. I wear this headphones for running and when it gets to the colder winter months I need to wear a hat.

This voice feature is causing a lot of issues as  this is the only function that is constantly triggered by my hat resting on them. When I am listening to music it is constantly interrupted as the headphones think I want to talk to Siri.

This is an incredibly frustrating problem that is causing me to have to not wear a hat or reconsider the headphones entirely