Bose SUB1 Line in LPF Frequency Range

When the Line In EQ "LPF" option is selected on the SUB1. What is the cutoff frequency on the high end. I know the SUB1 goes down to 40Hz on the low end but what is the frequency of the LPF? Is it 100Hz? 120Hz? 


Hello musicnmotionz, 


Our engineering team have confirmed the following specs: 

  • Crossover point of subs & array is 200Hz
  • Sub1/Sub2 have selectable LINE IN EQ and LINE OUT EQ that users can choose based on what they have connected. They are...
    • LINE IN EQ:
      • L1 – 200Hz
      • LPF – 100Hz
    • LINE OUT EQ:
      • FULL – full range
      • HPF – 100Hz
      • S1 HPF – 150Hz

I hope this helps!