Bose SUB2 Low and High Pass Filters

In addition to using the SUB2 as part of the L1 Pro system, I use the SUB2 with Yamaha tops. Can anyone tell me the frequency for the LPF on the SUB2 inputs and the and frequency for the HPF on the SUB2 outputs, when using SUB2 without L1 or S1 pro?


I am running from the mixer into the SUB2 inputs with the LPF engaged on the SUB2. I then run out from the SUB2 outputs to the Yamaha tops with the HPF engaged  on the SUB2. This is not sounding good and I think they are not crossing over well. 


The specs for the SUB2 list a Crossover frequency of 200Hz, but I am not sure if that's for the L1 only, or if it has anything to do with the LPF and HPF. 200hz seems too high in any event for a sub used with separate tops.

Hello LarryR,


I don't have all the answers you're looking for, but I did find this regarding the LINE OUT EQ:  HPF off is (obviously) full range, HPF on is 100 Hz, and "S1 Mode" (holding the HPF button in for four seconds) is 150 Hz.


Source:  Sub1/Sub2 Training page in The Bose Professional Portable PA Encyclopedia.


Does that help?

Thanks! That helps for sure. Maybe someone else can advise on the LPF frequency. I do have a HPF filter on the tops, but I don't know if it would be helpful in this scenario. 

After looking closely at all the videos, I found that the LPF on the Line Input EQ is 150hz, which seems too seems too high for use with anything but the S1.  Someone please correct me if my thinking is wrong, but if the HPF on the Line Output is 100hz, that creates overlapping frequencies. My top speakers have an HPF at 120hz, but that would still create an overlap. I would think that Bose would have added a selectable crossover, since they promote the SUB2 can be used with other systems. Am I missing something?


Hi Larry, 


I just spoke to Bose support a few minutes about this exact issue, but in my case I needed the HPF and LPF frequencies for the SUB1. The support agent I spoke with didn't know, then asked a support supervisor who also didn't know. In the end they had to open a ticket with Bose engineers and I was told an engineer would reach back out. I'll let you know if I receive more information. 

Thanks. I appreciate that. The screen grabs I posted are from one of the Bose videos, but they don't tell the whole story. I would be curious to know know what the frequencies are when the LPF and HPF are optimized for the S1 (holding button for 4 seconds). I would like to use the Sub2 with Yamaha tops, but I really don't want to buy a crossover. 

Hello LarryR, 


Our engineering team have confirmed the following specs: 

  • Crossover point of subs & array is 200Hz
  • Sub1/Sub2 have selectable LINE IN EQ and LINE OUT EQ that users can choose based on what they have connected. They are...
    • LINE IN EQ:
      • L1 – 200Hz
      • LPF – 100Hz
    • LINE OUT EQ:
      • FULL – full range
      • HPF – 100Hz
      • S1 HPF – 150Hz

I hope this helps!