Bose T4s with Bose S1pro

Hi I have just purchased the Bose T4. I currently only use an IPad Pro …so wondering how I important is it to download the the most recent software on the T4s to get the best out of it and is it possible to somehow do it using my iPad. I believe the most recent update was in 2022 . Also has anyone used the T4s with an S1 pro do they think it really improves the sound .

Hello and welcome.

The last published firmware for the T4S is version 1.1.5, released June 2022, which fixes an issue when more than 4 channels of dynamics processing are active.

Bose only supports updating from a Windows or macOS computer; as far as I know, there is no way to use an iPad for it. However, seeing that 1.5 years have gone since the last firmware, I think it likely it is already shipping with it.

There is some good information on the Toonz wiki, although some links are broken.