Bose T8S 2 Bose S1 to Sub 1 = Best Routing/Wiring?

Hello Everyone


I recently managed to put a few BOSE pieces together and I will be purchasing a SUB 1 this week to add to the system. The complete system will be 2 Bose S1's, Bose Sub 1 and the T8S Mixer. I use the equipment primarily for duo acoustics, 2 vocals, some looping that includes some percussion tracking.


What are the best options for wiring with the T8S to the speakers? I am not certain how to best set this up...many thanks for any input and suggestions.





Hey Todd,

There are multiple ways to achieve this setup. Personally, for stereo, I'd have the following:

  • Using two XLR cables, connect the stereo XLR outputs on the T8S to each S1 Pro system.
  • Using a single 1/4" cable, connect the mono 1/4" output on the T8S to the Sub 1.

Hope this helps!

Hello ToddK  (and Dylan_R),


Pardon me for jumping into this thread, but if you run from your T8S to the S1 Pro's first, the S1's will still be handing a full range signal.  The Sub1 (and Sub2) were designed with an "S1 Mode".


With two S1 Pro's, a Sub1, and T8S, the preferred method of setup is to connect the T8S left and right master outputs via XLR cables to LINE IN's 1 and 2 on the Sub1; then from LINE OUT's 1 and two via XLR-to-1/4" TRS cables to channel 1 on each of your two S1 Pro's.  On the Sub1, set the Line In EQ to "HPF", and on the LINE OUT EQ, press and hold the button for 4 seconds to activate "S1 Mode" (the HPF light will illuminate green.  See Page 10 of the Sub1/Sub2 Owner's Guide.)  On the S1 Pro's, set the Tonematch settings to "off".  In this configuration, frequencies below 150Hz will be handled by the Sub1, and above 150Hz by the S1 Pro's.  This will let you push the S1 Pro's harder.


For an illustration and more information on this configuration, please see the following page:

S1 Pro with Sub1/Sub2  NOTE:  The illustration shows all XLR cables; however there is a note under the "LINE OUT EQ" illustration that explains the need for an XLR-to-1/4" TRS cable.


Does that help?


Hey Fish-54,

This would also be a valid stereo setup (see below).*


Hello Dylan_R,


(My previous comment and question are deleted to avoid confusion; Thanks to Dylan_R for checking with the engineers and editing his answer.)

Hi Fish54, 

Apologies - I am mistaken! I've had it confirmed by the Bose engineering team that the inputs 1&2 do indeed correspond to outputs 1&2 on the Sub1 and Sub2 (i.e. Input 1-> Output 1, Input 2 -> Line Output 2) - they are not mixed. I will edit my last response to avoid any confusion.

Hey all, thanks for the replies and guidance. My apologies though, after reading the responses I am still a little unsure. Man I wish I studied electronics instead of psych!


So in a nut shell my best routing to get max bass, stereo, best use of S1's is: ?


Instruments Mics out into -> TS8 out to-> SUB 1 (Inputs 1and2) then SUB 1 Line Output-> S1's 


Does that seem to be right for the best use of the S1's and SUB ?


Thanks again 🙂



Hello again ToddK,


"So in a nut shell my best routing to get max bass, stereo, best use of S1's is: ?


Instruments Mics out into -> TS8 out to-> SUB 1 (Inputs 1 and 2) then SUB 1 Line Output-> S1's"


You are correct.  Enjoy!

Now....if I can only find a SUB 1...nothing here in the Vancouver, Canada region as of yesterday. Staff at local Long and McQuade said I might have to wait several months....dang

Except the instructions (see sub1/sub2; page 11) says to set the line input eq to LPF. Why would you eq. your sub to a L1 system if you’re using s1 speakers. Other than that you got it right. 

Hello DJ Heisenberg,


Good catch, I had a brain cramp.  I've edited my original accepted reply.  My head is stuck in "L1 mode" as well!


 it is confusing because the website you refer to, erroneously describes the same thing. It has multiple errors (including that one). Some of their screenshots are wrong too. I tried to reach out to them but not sure anybody’s reading those messages…