Bose tv speaker

Hi guys/gals I’m looking at buying a Bose tv speaker . 
do I need one would it benefit adding it to my already Bose 700 bare with base module and surround speakers . 
or would it be a waste of money ? 
thanks in advance 



Hey , thanks for posting, and welcome to the Bose Community!


It's great to hear of your interest in the Bose TV Speaker. When you say adding it to your Soundbar 700 system, did you want to group it with it, or add to another TV?

Hi thanks for the reply,

I am looking at joining it to the existing system I’m using this is also joined to my tv . 
at the moment I have 

Bose 700 soundbar

base module 

and 1 set of surround speakers .

if I get the Bose tv speaker would it improve sound .

im looking at add Ons 

thanks in advance 

Hi Macca_1,


Thanks for clarifying that for us!


As both the Soundbar 700 and TV Speaker are designed to be used individually with a TV, combining them and having them both connected to the same TV isn't something they are designed to be able to do. The TV speaker is designed to be a standalone soundbar, rather than an add-on to your Soundbar 700.


I personally would not recommend trying to add the TV speaker into the setup, as it would be difficult to incorporate the TV Speaker while ensuring that it stayed in sync with the audio from the 700, and I don't think it would improve the sound you are currently getting.


The setup you have with the Soundbar 700, bass module, and surround speakers is a full 5.1 setup, so you don't need any further add ons to get the best sound quality. If you would like more bass, it is possible to add a 2nd bass module to the setup, but that is the only other add-on you could go for with this setup.


I hope this helps!

Thankyou 👍