Bose Wave Music System II- what do I need for Bluetooth enabling that is still available to purchase

I have the Bose Wave Music System with Multi-CD changer (I believe it might be the Wave II - I purchased it in 2008).  I've searched and keep coming up empty or with items that are no longer available to purchase.  Is there anything on the market currently that I can purchase to be able to connect my iPhone 12 Pro Max to it to stream music through a Bluetooth connection? 

It wouldn't be a Bose product though.  You would just be looking at generic BT receivers that plug in by 3.5mm aux cable.


The only issue you may run into, is the older CD stackers had an extra piece of plastic that covered the 3.5mm slot.  If this is the case you would need to plug/unplug the stacker every time you wanted to change from CD to BT or back.

Thank you so much!!!  


If I were to try to find something on eBay (Bose product, discontinued), what would I need? I tried figuring it out on my own, but I'm not confident enough to risk it not working and being compatible with my Wave II.  Is it called SoundLink or ... I can't remember if that's right or not.  I would LIKE to get a Bose product, even if it's risky from eBay, but if I strike out, I'm glad to know that a generic product would work as well.  


Thank you again for the information!!!