Bose500 and resolve soundlink

I have a Bose500speaker connected to Bose Music and working fine.

I have a Revolve Soundlink portable speaker ( just now) connected to Bose Connect.

I read in your blog that Bose Revolve Soundlink can' t go onto Bose Music.

Does that mean that both can't play the same music simultaneously ?  Should I place both on Bose Connect ? What is your recommended most efficient way of using both speakers ? ( simultaneously at some moments ; separately at other moments).

Thank you.





Welcome to the Bose Community! I hope you're loving your Home Speaker 500 and SoundLink Revolve speakers so far.


You are correct in that the Home Speaker operates through the Bose Music app, and the Revolve through the Bose Connect app. However, you are able to group your Revolve speaker to the Home Speaker through the Bose Music app using the SimpleSync feature.


You can read more about this process HERE, under the heading 'Using the Bose Music app'. Give all of these steps a try, and let me know how you get on!

HI Sam,

I tried the procedure to create a Group with the Bose500 as primary speaker and Revolve added to the group.

It all worked fine as per the instructions ( written drawings pages 1 to 5).

Very simple really, but it needed some guidance.

Thank you