Boss AB-2 Switch issue with L1 II

My L1 II has been flawless since the beginning, but I’ve had a unique and frustrating intermittent problem I’ve been troubleshooting. I run a single guitar cable into a Boss AB-2 switch, which controls which channel it’s routed to on the T8S. The signal from a newly purchased guitar began intermittently dropping drastically and would be nearly inaudible. After much trial and error (and prematurely kicking myself for buying a defective used Ovation), I finally discovered that connecting the guitar directly into the T8S completely eliminated the signal drop. I can’t live without a selector switch, so I’ve replaced the battery-powered Boss with a passive JHS mini AB switch, and that appears to be the ultimate fix.Weirdly, this issue only seems to occur with Ovation guitars with factory electronics and the Boss switch. Other guitars, mics, etc. are  rock solid. My Ovation (and also my duo partner’s) works fine without that particular switch. I suspect the switch’s internal electronics are partly to blame.


I’d be interested in any insights other users can provide, but I mainly wanted to get this posted to help others shortcut my long, arduous journey.