Boss ME80 to Mackie SRM350

Any help with the following would be appreciated.

I’m a guitarist (mostly jazz) who always plays through a Boss ME80 pedalboard. I’m looking to improve my sound reproduction to get clear chords at a high enough volume. I had been using an overly complicated rig for bigger gigs: guitar>ME80>DV Mark Little Jazz (which I discovered wasn’t really necessary)> Yamaha Mixer MG10u > Mackie SRM350. I was happy with the sound, but not so much with the cartage and setup.

The Boss ME80 has a nominal output of -10dbu.

The SRM350 has an input sensitivity listed at +4dbu.

The ME80 will not drive the SRM350, set to Line, very loud.

If I switch the SRM350 to Mic, it’s plenty loud but it doesn’t sound good. Bass frequencies bloom. Impedance mismatch? ME80 output impedance is 2k ohms and SRM350 input impedance is listed at 94k ohms. They don’t give separate numbers for Mic vs Line.

If I put a mixer between them, it works fine on Line setting, but I’m trying to simplify the rig.

So, which solution is best?

  1. Buy a preamp like an Art or Prosunus that will match the levels and run the SRM350 on Line.

  2. Buy a passive direct box, solve the apparent impedance mismatch problem with it and run the SRM350 on mic?

  3. Buy a Bose S1 – and simply plug the ME80 right into it (looks like it should work without a preamp or DI, but I can’t be sure from the specs available). The Bose S1 is small, light and probably as powerful as I need.

Thanks in advance for any help you might offer.


In terms of simplicity, the Bose S1 option seems appealing, as it integrates both amplification and speakers into a single unit. However, personal preference, sound quality, and the specific demands of your playing style should guide your decision. If possible, test each solution before making a final decision to ensure it meets your expectations in terms of both sound quality and ease of use.