Built in tuner is unstable on my T8

Good Day!

I went from 2 T1 mixers to one T8 for the possibility to use 8 XLR's. It works great, even though the effects work a bit different compared to the T1's.

But, the built in tuner is very unstable and flickers all over the place, still centered around the actual pitch though. This is when I line my K&K equipped instruments. No hum or noise. Good sound and good signal, but still very hard to spot the pitch.

What am I doing wrong?


Hi Bifuel,

I'm sorry you're having trouble with the tuner in your T8S.

Please ensure

  • You have selected the CH EDIT button for the channel connected to the instrument you want to tune
  • The volume on the guitar is turned up full
  • You see green on the input trim light as you strike the strings as you tune them. If you don't the trim is set too low
  • In case you haven't done it, you probably want to use the CH MUTE button when you're tuning.

Also - please make sure your firmware is up to date.

T4S/T8S Firmware Update Instructions 


Hi ST, and thank you for the fast reply!!

Yes, I have done all of the suggestions above (I have been using the T1 for many years). I did a firmware upgrade when the mixer was bought in May, but I will check the version again. Think it is the latest, though..

I love the built in tuner because it is (normally) very unforgiving and always available when gigging. Anyone else experiencing this tuner flickering?


Hi Bifuel,

I spent some time with the T8S tuner function this evening. I found some interesting things.

  • The amount of flickering varies from guitar to guitar
    • The display is more stable with my electric guitars than the acoustic guitars
  • On my acoustic guitars, muting the other strings (not the one I'm tuning) makes the display more stable. If the other strings are open and resonating, this seems to cause the indicator to move around more.
  • If the indicator is jumping around, I can make it more stable by turning down the volume on the guitar
    • With the T1, when people had trouble with the tuner it was often because the signal hitting the tuner wasn't strong enough to be detected properly
    • With the T4S/T8S the tuner is sensitive and the display seems faster than the T1.  By turning down the volume a bit, I think the tuner detects more of the fundamental note and fewer overtones and the other strings.

Do you get similar results?


I will certainly give it a try! Thanks a lot!

I don't have volume controls on my acoustic guitars (K&K-PU's), but I will fiddle with the gain on the T8 to see if the signal strength really is the case.


Hi Bifuel,

We got talking about the K&K pickups here. Please try tuning using twelfth fret harmonics.  This might pick up less resonance from the body of the guitar.

Does that help?