Buy NL4 Speakon cable in Australia?

I too need a “NL4 Speakon Equipped 13-4 Bi-Amp Speaker Cable” to seperate the B1’s, but Audiopile won’t answer my emails.
Do you know of somewhere in Australia that sells them?

They replied.

They didnt JUST reply but were helpful to the extreme, it seems my first email was never found. We don’t normally get that sort of good response down in Australia, only from ebay.
Looks like the cables are on their way.

The cables arrived today, and man, are they heavy duty! That was only 5 days from the US which is better than we get from one side of our county to another.

Audiopile do not sell to Australia anymore, but they suggested a Korean site as an alternative, but I looked on the site and they don’t have the “NL413GA NL4 Speakon equipped 13/4 Speaker Cables”. They don’t seem to be sold in, or to, Australia at all. Stalemate?


This information from searching the web, not an endorsement or recommendation. appear to ship to Australia.…ing.jsp#shippingDest…s=ma&Top Nav-Search=

Thanks for that. Yes, they DO ship to Australia except the one I want which has this note "Due to certain restrictions, this item cannot be shipped to AUSTRALIA."

Meanwhile I found and ordered two 10m cables from eBay at half the price.