Cable box Alexa Smart Soundbar300

Alexa works to control volume on TV and when asking weather, etc., but will not save the cable box model and brand that I enter on the app. When I go back and try again, nothing happens when attempting to click the Add cable box button. I tried long holding it and nothing works. I would like to control my Fios One box and be able to change channel by voice. I have uninstalled app and reinstalled. I also tried installing app on my wife's phone and it will not work.


Arris is the set top box brand

IPC4100 is the model


Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

I am still not able to add cable box via the Bose Music app. I tried to change the channel last night via voice command to Alexa ("Alexa, switch to CNN") and she responded "Now airing, The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer...sorry, your provider couldn't do that" and the channel did NOT change.

I added the Fios app to the Alexa App and linked the soundbar as a device, but still getting same result when attempting to change channel by voice: Alexa says what is currently airing on the channel, but then says "your provider couldn't do that".


Any ideas on how to resolve? Everything else about the soundbar is crisp and sound great.

Hello, welcome to the Bose Community, and thanks for your message. Great to hear that you're enjoying the crisp sound of the Soundbar 300!


Sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with Voice4Video. There's a similar discussion from when this feature was released HERE that I invite you to read, as it may include some details relevant to your difficulties. 


Firstly, how is your soundbar connected to your TV, is this via an optical connection or HDMI? Can you also tell us a little more about the difficulties with configuring the skill on the Bose Music app? It's interesting to note that pressing the button does not initiate the corresponding interface. What devices have you tested using the Bose Music app on - is this Android or iOS? Without programming a corresponding cable/satellite box, you will be unable to fully utilize the Voice4Video features. 


We do have a similar support article HERE that I invite you to also read through. While many of the steps are related to the inability to directly control third-party devices, not necessarily the inability to initiate the setup process, there are still some useful steps. To note, have you tried resetting your speaker by power cycling it? Disconnect it from power for 60 seconds, then reconnect back to power. Similarly, do the same for any devices that you're using the Bose Music app on. 

Soundbar is connected via HDMI in the ARC input. The Bose Music app is loaded into a Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android 9. The app does not located the cable box and I manually enter the make and model (Arris IPC4100) that I am using for Verizon Fios One. The app takes what I enter but never retains it as it does not display within the app. I have rebooted router, unplugged the sound bar for a few minutes, uninstalled the Bose Music App, reconfigured the Smart Soundbar 300 all over again as a new set up, etc.


When I say, "Alexa, change the channel to CNN (or even channel 600)", ALEXA will tell me what is on the channel, but then say , 'your provider couldnt do that" and the channel will not change.


Any other ideas? 


Is it supposed to ask me for zip code within the app? It never has done that once. Also, there is no universal remote to configure as the Smart Soundbar 300 only has it's own remote. The soundbar is working for volume correctly via ARC as I can change volume via TV remote, cable box remote, Bose remote, and via Alexa with voice commands.



Thanks for getting back in touch. 


You should see the option to add a zipcode. Please see the image below. 



You can find full instructions for setup here.


If you didn't see the options for adding the zipcode, I would recommend removing the cable box and re-add it. 



It just says add a cable box and clicking it does nothing. When I delete the TV listing and start the process of adding devices over, I have to manually enter TCL tv 55R635 model and Arris brand cable box model IPC4100. Then only the genteric TV listing is retained

Screenshot_20201016-135912_Bose Music.jpg

The issue seems to be within the app.  I have tried to Connect my Cable Box via my phone (Galaxy S8, Android Version 9), my wife's phone (also S8), a Chromebook, and a Moto G Power (Android version 10.  It does not auto-detect the make and model cable box and when I enter ARRIS and IPC4100 (for VZ FIOS ONE), it says Connected, but on the next screen, it says " Add a Cable Box".  Clicking that does nothing.  Deleting the Connected TV and then Clicking " Add a Cable Box" starts the whole process again and it never seems to work.  I am never prompted in the app to enter a zip code/post code or Cable Provider.  This is getting very frustrating.  


I can Click into the Connected TV listing and then click HDMI and select Cable Box.  There are no other screens presented regarding provider or zip code.Screenshot 2020-10-16 at 4.08.21 PM.pngScreenshot 2020-10-16 at 4.11.37 PM.png

Any suggestions for a resolution?

Hey there, 

Thank you so much for following up with us! 

We would love to grab some additional information from you so we can get this looked into. 


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