Cad 2d iza190hz in Professional Installed


anyone have a 2d dwg for the back panel?



dear Arno

on web site there is only the iza250lz 3d view (cad_freespace_iza 250-lz amp_2d-3d.dwg)

do you have an iza 190-hz_6-view.dwg?

many thanks


do you have the dwg version?

thank you


Hi Paolo,

If you look at the "6-view" in the dwg file, you will also see the 2D rear view of the Bose IZA 190-HZ.
There is an incorrect version of the pdf export on the website, which doesn't show the rear view.
Attached the correct version.

Best regards,


Sorry, my mistake, but see attached the "6-view" drawing of the Bose IZA 190-HZ

Changed previous post with the dwg file