Can a CC-16 crash an ESP?

Hi everyone,

I have an existing system that runs a background music system at a hotel/ resort. We are actually controlling it with a URC Total Control automation system…

Recently the keypad at the Pool Bar stopped functioning. It was an IP keypad and the cable is 400’ which I know is way over the max distance. It worked for almost 2 years like that but now nothing. We tested the cable and it appears to be ok aside from the length.

So I decided to swap it out for a CC-16 instead. It worked for 2 days and then stopped (the CC-16 says Com Failure) and the system started crashing constantly which did not happen before. So I disconnected the CC-16 from the system, and it no longer crashes.

Has anyone experienced this before?

Really strange behavior that I cannot pinpoint. The cable looks physically ok.


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Hi Jason,

What do you exactly mean with “the system started to crash”?
And can you give us more information about “the system”, like which devices (ESP/PM), controllers, …

The cable used for the CC16, was it a CAT5 cable?
How was it powered, from the system side or locally?
Did you measure the voltage on the CC16?
Was the termination set for the CC16?

Did you also test it connecting the CC16 (or maybe also the keypad) close to the system with a short cable.

Maybe the properties of the cable changed over the years due to the chlorine of the Pool Bar and that in combination with the long cable run…

Hi Jason,

I’ve sent you several private messages but no respond and I was wondering what the status is of this issue?
Did you solved it and if so, i hope you can share with me how you solved it.