Can I buy and hookup a newer receiver for a Lifestyle 12 series II system?

I just moved into a new house and the previous owner had a Lifestyle 5, 6-piece surround sound system installed. The satellite speakers are nicely installed and come out of the ceiling with all the cables running through the walls so you can’t see them. 

However they forgot to leave the AC power pack, and mentioned the receiver has issues. Before I spend $25 on a new AC power pack for a dinosaur that I’m not sure works, I thought I’d see if I have any options to update the system. Is there any chance I can buy a newer model receiver/control unit that is more... internet age friendly?

Hey Kuzco,


Thanks for your message. Do you know exactly what model of Lifestyle 5 system you own? There are a few variants of this system, which may, in turn, use slightly different media consoles, or receivers as you may put it. Each Lifestyle system is designed to be used with their corresponding media console. While you may be able to connect the console to different speaker packages, they may not work as intended, if at all. This is inclusive of connecting the same console to different "versions" of the same Lifestyle system, as often the firmware may be different. 


As the system is currently installed in your home, my recommendation would be to test out a new AC power supply and let us know what difficulties you experience with the system. We'll be happy to help out where we can.


The great news is that if the cabling is already installed within the room, in the event that we're unable to resolve the issues with the older Lifestyle 5 system, this cabling has the potential to be utilized for a more modern system. 

First of all, wow!

Thank you for such a quick and detailed response, it really means a lot.


I had my real estate agent reach out and it is a Lifestyle 12 Series II System (Yeah I was a bit off). 
And they confirmed the receiver needs replacing.