Can I use a Vocal processor with Bose ToneMatch T1?

Hi Guys.
I'm here again with other question for you.

This is the scenario:
I use my BOSE L1 II and ToneMatch T1 to perform in parties and events and I are very happy with the results, but, I would like to add more control and versatility to my voice and I found the Helicon Perform V or the TC Helicon VoiceLiveTouch 2 that, as you know, both are portable voice processors to add effects and scenes to the voice.


My question is... Can I use both?  (Voice Processor with ToneMach?)


I could assume than Yes, but, I had an experience trying to connect a Microphone Wireless System (XVive) through T1 to convert my Shure Super 55 into a wireless mic and... it was works, but, occasionally the L1 II sounds as if receiving an overcharge.. I though that it was the result to connect the Xvive because it have their own power source through a rechargeable battery. (but, this will be the Topic for a new question...)


Thanks in advance guys for your always well valued sapience.

Hi lobomedia!

Thank you for your post. You can indeed use outboard FX processors together with the ToneMatch mixers - simply connect the output from the Helicon into the inputs on the T1. 

I recommend turning off all FX/presets on the T1 input channels so that all processing is being handled by the Helicon for easy control and optimum fidelity.

Hope this helps!

Thank You Dylan.

Now that you has given me the certainty that I can connect both... then I will buy the voice processor with confidence.
Thank You buddy.