Can I use Channel 5 as Aux output for Channel 4 without using AUX output jack

I have a complex setup. I am recording video and audio of a live performance series using the Bose L1, the Tonematch 1 mixer, a Zoom H6 recorder, and a DSLR camera. I have two vocals and two instruments so I require all 4 channels. Ideally, I want to capture all 4 channels as discrete tracks in the Zoom H6, and capture a stereo output that goes from the Tonematch to the DSLR. I have set all four channels to Aux pre at 50%. I am running TR cables out of the output jacks for channels 1-3 directly into the Zoom. Currently Channel 4/5 is set to Aux pre but the cable to the Zoom is running out of the AUX jack. If I use the Aux jack for the output of channel 4 (I am only plugging in a single guitar cord into 4), can I use Channel 5 (of 4/5) as my direct out for Channel 4 into the Zoom so I can capture all 4 feeds and adjust volume in the Zoom, leaving me the use of the Aux out for the TRS cable with an adapter to the DSLR. I can then adjust down the gain of the output to the camera that needs mic level input.  I have tried using the Master out to connect to the camera but the signal is very hot and if I keep the Master gain low, it impacts the sound coming out of the L1 that I am using as a monitor for the performers. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.

Hey Jo,

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Channels 4/5 on the T1 are line inputs only, and cannot be configured as outputs. However, the Zoom H6 itself has its own 3.5mm line output jack: 

I recommend trying the following:

  1. Connect the T1's preamp outputs to the inputs on the Zoom H6 as you described. 
  2. Then, instead of connecting from the T1 output, connect the Zoom H6's line output to the input on the DSLR. 

Hope this helps!

Hi Dylan!


Thank you so much for your quick response. I used the line out 3.5 jack on the Zoom as you suggested and was able to find the Line Out settings where I could reduce the signal up to -30. I still have an issue with Channel 4/5. I am running TR cords out of channels 1-3 to the respective Zoom channels and because there is no specific out for channel 4/5, I am running a TR cord out of the Aux jack into channel 4 on the Zoom. In the Tonematch, I have set the Aux settings for each channel and ended up having the gain at around 90% to get good signal into the Zoom (I am assuming I have to have gain on both the Aux channel in the tonematch and the corresponding Zoom channel.) I have the Aux set to Pre although I think if I had performers who have already applied effects I would set it to Dry? I also bypassed all of the Tonematch presets for mics and instruments. Tracks 1-3 record separately but it seems that Track 4/5 is getting the input from all the channels and is not giving me a separate track for that input (my guitar). Is there a way to get that separately so I can then choose to mix all 4 channels post-production? I hope I am not making all this overly complicated. Maybe there is an easier way...darned COVID is really making this least for me. Thanks so much for your time and advice!

Hello Jo_Berger,


In your original post you said "I have set all four channels to Aux pre at 50%."  Then in your second post, you said "Tracks 1-3 record separately but it seems that Track 4/5 is getting the input from all the channels and is not giving me a separate track for that input (my guitar)."


From your description, I think I understand that you are sending Channels 1-3 "Preamp Out" signals to the Zoom, and also sending the Aux output to the Zoom.   The Aux output will include signals from all the channels.  The Preamp Out jacks are not affected by Aux settings -- they simply take the signal coming in through the trim control and turn it back around as a dry output (no EQ or other Tonematch processing.)  If you have Channels 1-3 set to 50% in Aux pre, then those channels are getting mixed into your Aux Out along with Channel 4/5. 


If you set Channels 1-3 Aux setting to "Mute", then they will not go to the Aux output.  Channel 4/5 will be the only channel feeding the Aux Out.  You will then have four discrete signals -- Channels 1-3 from their respective Preamp Out and Channel 4/5 from the Aux output.   Then you only need to decide which tap point you want for Channel 4/5 in its Aux settings.


Does that help?

Thanks to you both for your help! I am always learning more with the complexities of sound. I think I have the settings right now.